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Where do I pay?

Send your $40 along with your signed background form to:

Missions Mobilization Center
6434 John Hagar Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Make checks payable to: Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.

What happens after I complete the lesson?

If you completed Recertification – Introduction to Disaster Relief and you have sent in your $40 and your background form, and you have taken a specialized class, you will be sent a new picture ID along with a letter and membership pin 4-6 weeks out from the time we receive all of your items.

I paid and had my picture taken, after taking the lesson when do I receive my ID card?

If we have a current picture and you are due for a new badge, one will be sent 4-6 weeks after we receive your $40 and background form. If you are taking a specialized class and your Introduction to Disaster Relief is current, you will not receive a new badge until your credentials expire.

Do I need to take the lessons to receive my ID card?

It depends on your credential status as to whether it is time for a new ID card.

Do I have to tell anyone I completed the course?

The weekly report we receive is sufficient.